Processing of tax returns for citizens, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and legal entities, including submission to the appropriate authorities.

Why to choose our company?

You will get the option of postponing the filing of the income tax return and the payment of the tax. 

You will have everything without worries and running around the authorities. 

We communicate with the authorities exclusively electronically.

Order tax return processing online 

After sending your contact information, we will contact you within two working days and agree on the next course of action with you. 

What to prepare for the processing of the income tax return? 

  • personal data (full name, birth surname, address of permanent residence, or address of residence in the Czech Republic, date of birth, social security number, telephone number, or e-mail address)
  • the number of the bank account to which you want to return any tax overpayment (or the address to which you want to send the slip) 


  • confirmation of taxable income from all employers in the past year 

Self-employed (entrepreneur):

  • identification number 
  • subject of business activity (specific activity you perform) 
  • variable symbol assigned by the Social Security Administration 
  • the name of the health insurance company with which you are insured 
  • an overview of paid advances from the health insurance company and the social security administration 
  • information about whether you voluntarily pay for health insurance as a self-employed person
  • information important for determining whether the business is the main or secondary activity (concurrent employment, studies, disability or old-age pension, maternity or parental leave)
  • if you will apply flat-rate expenses - list of income for the past year (payments for goods or services received on a bank account or in cash from 1/1 to 12/31 
  • if you will apply real expenses - accounting documents from 1.1. to 31.12. (received and issued invoices, income and expenditure documents, receipts, etc.)

Documents confirming claims for various tax discounts for the past year (common for employees and entrepreneurs): 

  • school confirmation of own studies 

  • confirmation of receiving a disability pension or holding a ZTP/P card 

  • full name and social security number of the children for whom you are applying the tax discount (only one of the parents can) 

  • full name and social security number of spouse without own income (or with income up to 68,000 CZK per year) 

  • confirmation from the insurance company or pension fund about the amounts paid for life insurance or supplementary pension insurance 

  • confirmation from the bank about the interest paid on the mortgage loan 

  • confirmation of a donation made for public benefit purposes 

  • confirmation of contribution-free blood donation

  • confirmation of paid membership fees to the trade union 

  • confirmation of payment for examinations verifying the results of further education 


If you are still not sure what documents to prepare, contact us and we will send you our specific questionnaire and we will be happy to discuss everything with you!